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Charles A. Bergmann's Washington Park Masterpiece Hits the Market

I finally got to tour this home with clients today which left me breathless and at a loss for words! Nestled amidst the lush greenery of Washington Park in Seattle, stands a testament to architectural brilliance, the brainchild of the renowned Seattle-based, Dutch-born architect, Charles Bergmann. Bergmann’s dedication to innovation, sustainable design, and a deep appreciation for the natural landscape are evident in the home he designed for he and his family in 1981. Drawing on inspiration from some of the early 1900’s most esteemed architects, most notably famed Swiss architect, Le Corbusier, Bergmann used forms and materials that harken back to an earlier age. His use of masonry and warm woods are a nod to traditional architecture which is what Washington Park is really known for, however his use of shapes and space are definitely a reflection of a changing, modern era. One writer called the house “unique in its ability to both recall and be part of the modern movement without seeming dated or out of step.”

The home is situated in harmony with its wooded surroundings and tree-lined streets and the dwelling seamlessly integrates into the landscape, creating a dialogue between the built environment and nature.

The residence, a paragon of modernist architecture, boasts clean lines, expansive glass walls, and a thoughtful layout that invites the outdoors in. It's a sanctuary where every space is a canvas for natural light to play its enchanting symphony throughout the day. Bergmann's meticulous attention to detail is evident in every nook and cranny of the home, all which pay homage to the region's indigenous elements, fostering a sense of belonging and continuity with the land.

Upon first glance many may say this home has no place in a historic and traditional neighborhood given its ominous and imposing site, however it’s anything but imposing…it’s lovely and warm and interesting and makes you want to explore every corner which unfolds as you move about the space.

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